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  • Guangdong Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group
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    Controlled Corporation
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    Sihui Huihao
    The Sihui exchange good bio Feed Co., Ltd. is a professional company of Hui Hai Group, the leading products in high-grade pig feed. The company relies on the technical advantages of Huihai Group pig Technology Innovation Center (granted provincial Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province Product Innovation Center); U.S. cpm pellet mill, the United States the wem company full-screen control, Germany Siemens programmable technology production equipment; adhere to Executive iso9001, haccp quality control system. Strive to "well-equipped, fine management, production boutique."
         Exchange good company not only provides sophisticated products, it is more important: to provide "safe, efficient farming model that allows the user access to exchange good breeding patterns than the market by more than 100 professionals throughout the market for the majority of farmers higher average benefits, farmers, dealers and company tripartite long-term total Lei exchange good pursuit! Exchange good company grow in harmony with all business partners, a better life! To contribute to China's new rural construction!
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