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  • Guangdong Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group
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    Congratulations to Huihai Group upon Launching the SAP·ERP Program
    时间:2016/9/2 10:24:12
    On September 1, 2016, Huihai Group officially launched the SAP·ERP program. With massive efforts and close collaboration between Huihai Group's SAP Implementation Team and Petro-CyberWorks Information Technology Co., Ltd., the SAP has been completed as scheduled and launched successfully.
    Huihai Group has attached great importance to the SAP·ERP program in respect of its development because the program marks the beginning of a new development stage of the Group. It is a milestone in the history of Huihai Group's development. We have taken this opportunity to interview Mr. Ke Changlin, Director of the SAP program of Huihai Group.
    Huihai Group's SAP Operating Director, Mr. Ke Changlin introduced, "The SAP·ERP system is the world's best ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. It is developed by the German SAP SE. It has reflected the preciseness and delicacy of Germany's culture and tradition. 80% of the Global 500 is using the system. The SAP·ERP system covers every aspect of enterprise management, including finance, human resources, production and manufacturing, supply chain, procurement management, marketing and sales, service management, asset management as well as R&D management.
    Q: We've heard that Huihai Group's SAP·ERP program has adopted the most advanced version of the SAP SE's system. What are the strengths of the system? Have you encountered any difficulties during implementation?
    Mr. Ke: Huihai Group's SAP·ERP program is presently using the latest S/4 HANA version launched by the SAP SE. As far as I know, so far, there are only few large farm enterprises in the industry using this version. The S/4 HANA business suite is the embodiment of SAP SE's experience in ERP software development for over 40 years. It is a new ERP version based on SAP's HANA MMDB. The suite was completed and released in December 2015. The new version is based on the MMDB, an integration of every aspect of enterprises from supply chain and financial management.
    Because we are one of those few enterprises that have used the latest and most high-end ERP version of the SAP SE, we have to impose very high requirements for the implementation personnel in respect of their technical quality. During the implementation process, the project team has overcome numerous difficulties. Under the conditions of having limited references in this age of fast development of knowledge, the team has spent five months on the program from research to official release. The program has covered the two major companies of the Group and it is composed of six ERP modules. Eventually, the system is successfully launched as scheduled.
    Q: Huihai Group has invested tens of millions in the SAP·ERP program. Why? What's its intention?
    Mr. Ke: There are two reasons why Huihai Group spends tens of millions to push the SAP·ERP program. Firstly, the Group aims to improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and provide better and highly efficient services to our customers; second, the Group is confident about its future development and holds a positive view of expansion in the future. The launching of the SAP system will not only improve the internal standardized operation of the Group, but raise the quality of customer service to a higher standard, which will for sure boost the development of Huihai Group. The success of the SAP·ERP program will bring changes to Huihai Group in many aspects, such as from R&D to sales, from procurement and entry of raw materials to delivery of finished products, etc. With the SAP·ERP system, the whole production process becomes traceable. Therefore, there will be stricter control over entry of raw materials and the enterprise operation is expected to be more efficient and standardized. Additionally, Huihai Group will provide customers with services of higher efficiency and delicacy.
    Mr. Lin Haichun, Chairman of Huihai Group, expressed that, "The implementation of the SAP program is based on the principle of "sticking to the initial objectives and taking customer's demand as the first priority". Huihai Group has been trying every endeavor to provide customer-oriented services and pursuing lower breeding costs!" The successful launching of the SAP system will offer us the unique opportunity to provide our customers with better products as well as services of higher quality.
    Huihai Group will always stick to its initial objectives and the corporate philosophy of pursuing lower breeding costs. Upon launching, the SAP·ERP program will bring great benefits to the Group in every aspect such as production and manufacturing, supply chain, procurement management, marketing and sales as well as service management, etc. and provide firm guarantee to achieving the goal of lower breeding costs!
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